ZIP-FM Real Rocks 9/24 OA


M01: Days Are Forgotten  /  Kasabian

M02: The Nerve  /  MUTEMATH

M03: Recreate  /  Born of Osiris

<コーナー: RockAroundTheWorld>             

M04: Promises, Promises  /  Incubus

M05: Cough Syrop  /  Young The Giant

M06: I Should Have Known  /  Foo Fighters

M07: Halfway Down the Stairs  /  Amy Lee

M08: Pumped Up Kicks  /  Foster the People

M09: Look Around  /  Red Hot Chili Peppers


M10: Your Classic  /  Ten Second Epic

M11: Take a Look Around  /  Limp Bizkit

M12: The Antidote  /  Nero Argento


M13: Trooper  /  Iron Maiden

<コーナー: RockSteadyGo>           

M14: Days Are Forgotten  /  Kasabian

M15: Club Foot  /  Kasabian

M16: Shoot The Runner  /  Kasabian

M17: Switchblade Smiles  /  Kasabian

M18: Let’s Roll Just Like We Used To  /  Kasabian

M19: Velociraptor!  /  Kasabian


M20: Singularity  /  Born of Osiris

M21: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites  /  Skrillex

M22: Same Mistake  /  Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

M23: Paradice  /  Coldplay

M24: Hello Goodbye  /  The Beatles


M25: Intro  /  Rise To Remain

M26: The Serpent  /  Rise To Remain

M27: Talking In Whispers  /  Rise To Remain


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