Real Rocks 11/19 OA


M01: Gotta Be Somebody / Nickelback
M02: I’m Ready / Jack’s Mannequin
M03: Come Down / Team Me

コーナー: RockAroundTheWorld
M04: The Moon-Atomic (…Fragments and Fictions) / Angels & Airwaves
M05: The Cave / MUMFORD & SONS
M06: The Christmas Waltz / She & Him
M07: Foster the People / Pumped Up Kicks
M08: Charlie Brown / Coldplay
M09: What The Water Gave Me / Florence + The Machine

M10: Dreaming Of A White Christmas / The Reign of Kindo
M11: Tell Your Heart Heads Up / MUTEMATH
M12: You Need Me, I Don’t Need You / Ed Sheeran
M13: Last Leaf / Tom Waits

コーナー: RockSteadyGo
M14: How You Remind Me / Nickelback
M15: Hero Feat. Josey Scott / Chad Kroeger
M16: Far Away / Nickelback
M17: Burn It To The Ground / Nickelback
M18: When We Stand Together / Nickelback
M19: This Means / Nickelback
M20: Lullaby / Nickelback

M21: Dumb And Dangerous / Lionize
M22: Killers And Crooks Feat. Steel Pulse / Lionize
M23: Kennedy Street / Team Me
M24: These Dreams / Heart
M25: Single File to Dehumanization / Whitechapel


毎週土曜日深夜 25:00-27:00OA

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