Good Speed Real Rocks 09/15 OA

M01: M01: Magpies On Fire / Red Hot Chili Peppers
M02: Skin O’ My Teeth / MEGADETH
M03: Make Total Destroy / Periphery
コーナー: RockAroundTheWorld
M04: The Hellion / Judas Priest
M05: Electric Eye / Judas Priest
M06: Chained / The XX
M07: Minority / Green Day
M08: Sleep Alone / Two Door Cinema Club
M09: 72 Hookers / NOFX
コーナー: Rock Around The World 終わり
M10: Falling Down Feat. Chelsea Korka / Space Cowboy
M11: Ready To Go / Klaypex
M12: Shadow / Wild Nothing
M13: D-D-Dance / The Royal Concept
コーナー: Rock Steady Go
M14: No Hope / The Vaccines
M15: If You Wanna / The Vaccines
M16: Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra) / The Vaccines
M17: Norgaard (Live) / The Vaccines
M18: Meantime / The Futureheads
M19: Teenage Icon / The Vaccines
M20: Panic Attack / The Vaccines
M21: Ghost Town / The Vaccines
コーナー: Rock Steady Go 終わり
M22: Blind (Live) / KoRn
M23: Have a Blast / Periphery
M24: Mountains / Biffy Clyro
M25: Madness / MUSE
M26: Close To Me / The Cure
M27: Resurrection / Fear Factory

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