Real Rocks【01/24 O.A.】Playlist

Real Rocks【01/24 O.A.】Playlist

今夜は、FallOutBoyの2年ぶり6枚目のアルバム『American Beauty/American Psycho』を紹介しました!

M01: Am I Wry? No / Mew
M02: Satellites / Mew
M03: Welcame / Rise Of The Northstar

<コーナー: RockAroundTheWorld>
M04: Stolen Dance / Milky Chance
M05: Shut Up And Dance / WALK THE MOON
M06: 26 / Catfish and the Bottlemen
M07: Every Other Freckle / alt-J
M08: Florida Key / The New Basement Tapes
M09: Take Me To Church / Hozier
<コーナー: RockAroundTheWorld>終わり
M10: Hold Your Colour / Pendulum
M11: Finale / Madeon
M12: Ballad Of The Mighty I / Noel Gallager’s High Flying Birds

<コーナー: RockSteadyGo>
M13: Thriller / Fall Out Boy
M14: Dance, Dance / Fall Out Boy
M15: I Don’t Care / Fall Out Boy
M16: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark / Fall Out Boy
M17: Irresistible / Fall Out Boy
M18: American Beauty/American Psycho / Fall Out Boy
M19: Uma Thurman / Fall Out Boy
M20: Favorite Record / Fall Out Boy
<コーナー: RockSteadyGo >終わり
M21: Bosozoku / Rise Of The Northstar
M22: Naysayer / Architects
M23: It’s Not The Spotlight / Gerry Goffin

M24: Alpha / Periphery
M25: Graveless / Periphery

Juggernaut: Alpha (ジャガーノート:アルファ / ペリフェリー)
Juggernaut: Omega (ジャガーノート:オメガ / ペリフェリー)

FallOutBoyの2年ぶり6枚目のアルバム『American Beauty/American Psycho』