Real Rocks 【2019/02/23 O.A.】Playlist

2月22日発売!DREAM THEATERの限定回帰の14作目『Distance Over Time』を特集!まさかの50分超え!

M01: Back In The Woods  /  Rival Sons

M02: You’re The One  /  Greta Van Fleet

M03: Come Alive  /  The Ramona Flowers

M04: Skies Turn Gold  /  The Ramona Flowers

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M05: Over My Head  /  Judah & The Lion

M06: Dance Macabre  /  Ghost

M07: Trampoline  /  SHAED

M08: Harmony Hall  /  Vampire Weekend

M09: High Hopes  /  Panic! At The Disco

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M10: Repentless  /  SLAYER

M11: i apologise if you feel something  /  Bring Me The Horizon

M12: Mantra  /  Bring Me The Horizon

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M13: Another Day(Live)   /  Dream Theater

M14: Innocence Faded (Live)  /  Dream Theater

M15: Along For The Ride  /  Dream Theater

M16: Room 137  /  Dream Theater

M17: Untethered Angel  /  Dream Theater

M18: Paralyzed  /  Dream Theater

M19: Fall Into The Light  /  Dream Theater

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M20: Bad Habits  /  ATTILA



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