Real Rocks 【2019/03/09 O.A.】Playlist

3月9日のREAL ROCKSは、感謝の気持ちを込めながら120分お届けしました。
前半は、The Prodigyのキース追悼。後半はBuckcherryの最新作を紹介いたしました。嗚呼、感謝。。。

M01: Burn It  /  Fever 333

M02: Sleep Now In The Fire  /  rage against the machine

M03: Like This  /  Royal Mob

M04: Wanna Lie With You  /  Royal Mob

M05: Deceiver Believer  /  ANNALYNN

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M06: Rebel Radio (Live)   /  The Prodigy

M07: Intro (Live)               /  The Prodigy

M08: Breathe (Live)   /  The Prodigy

M09: Omen (Live)   /  The Prodigy

M10: Firestarter (Live)   /  The Prodigy

M11: Voodoo People (Live)   /  The Prodigy

M12: O Reprise (Live)   /  The Prodigy

M13: Invaders Must Die (Live)   /  The Prodigy

M14: Smack My Bitch Up (Live)   /  The Prodigy

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M15: Pensacola, 2013  /  Deaf Havana

M16: Stallions, Foals, Foxes, Crows  /  We Came From Wolves

M17: Just Tonight…   /  Jimmy Eat World

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M18: Lit Up  /  Buckcherry

M19: Th1rt3en Or Nothing  /  Backyard Babies

M20: Mind Your Manners  /  Slash

M21: Warpaint  /  Buckcherry

M22: Backdown  /  Buckcherry

M23: Radio Song  /  Buckcherry

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M24: 10 Dimes  /  ANNALYNN

M25: The Rain, The Park And Other Things  /  The Cowsills



M26: Kick in a Spleen  /  Children of Bodom

M27: Flatline  /  Periphery


◆今月のReal Rocks Selectionはタイ王国のメタルコアバンド、ANNALYNNを大プッシュ!
〇澤田修がメンバーにインタビューした模様は、NM Magazineに掲載中!

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