Real Rocks 【2020/04/05 O.A.】Playlist

M01: NEO/Ocean Grove

M02: Now/H.E.R.O.

M03: Superblood Wolfmoon/Pearl Jam

M04: InFear/Code Orange

<コーナー: RockAroundTheWorld>

M05: death bed Featuring beabadoobee/Powfu

M06: Deleter/Grouplove

M07: Lost In Yesterday/Tame Impala

M08: Caution/The Killers

M09: Oh Yeah! /Green Day

M10: everything i wanted/Billie Eilish

<コーナー: RockAroundTheWorld>終わり  

M11: The Sound/The 1975

M12: Over Yourself/Heart of Gold

<コーナー: RockSteadyGo >

M13: Bad Guy(Cover) /Multiverse

M14: InFear/Code Orange

M15: Kill The Creator/Code Orange

M16: Swallowing The Rabbit Whole/Code Orange

M17: Black Inside The Glass/Code Orange

M18: Sulfer Surrounding/Code Orange

<コーナー: RockSteadyGo >終わり

M19: Red Desert/5 Seconds of Summer



M20: Beyond Our Bodies/Pure Reason Revolution

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