Real Rocks 【2020/05/17 O.A.】Playlist



M01: Bloodmeat/Protest the Hero

M02: Sweet#Hart/Closure In Moscow

M03: Beyond Our Bodies/Pure Reason Revolution

<コーナー: RockSteadyGo >

M04: Anthem (We Are The Fire) /Trivium

M05: The End Of Everything/Trivium

M06: Rain/Trivium

M07: A Grey So Dark/Trivium

M08: Other Worlds/Trivium

M09: Amongst The Shadows & The Stones/Trivium

M10: What The Dead Men Say/Trivium

M11: Bleed Into Me/Trivium

M12: Bending The Arc To Fear/Trivium

<コーナー: RockSteadyGo>終わり 

M13: Tutti Frutti/Little Richard

M14: Lucille/Little Richard

M15: Lucille (Cover) /The Beatles

M16: Maelstrom/Pure Reason Revolution

M17: First Of May (若葉のころ) /Bee Gees



M18: Prosthetic/HAKEN

M19: From The Sky/Protest the Hero

M20: Monday Morning (お別れソング) /Fleetwood Mac

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