Real Rocks 【2020/08/02 O.A.】Playlist



M01: The Realest/ISSUES
M02: Lyrics Lie/Dance Gavin Dance
M03: All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) /Bullet For My Valentine
M04: Cannibal/Bury Tomorrow
M05: Quake/Bury Tomorrow
M06: What Makes You Beautiful (Cover) /The 1975
M07: Passionfruit (Cover)/Paramore
<コーナー: RockSteadyGo >
M08: Massacre, The New American Dream/Palaye Royale
M09: Lyrics Lie/Dance Gavin Dance
M10: Antlion/Dance Gavin Dance
M11: Graveyard Feat.Tilian (Halsey Cover) /Bilmuri
M12: Deception/Dance Gavin Dance
M13: Prisoner/Dance Gavin Dance
M14: One In A Million/Dance Gavin Dance
M15: Strawberry’s Wake/Dance Gavin Dance
<コーナー: RockSteadyGo >終わり
M16: In And Out Of Love (恋の切り札) /Bon Jovi
M17: Open Eye/Orbit Culture
M18: Monday Morning (お別れソング) /Fleetwood Mac

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