Real Rocks【05/10 O.A.】Playlist

Real Rocks【05/10 O.A.】Playlist

SANTANA AL「Corazón」ラテンスター大集結のアルバム!暑すぎる夏をさらに暑くしてくれる良盤!

M01: On Our Way / The Royal Concept
M02: Gimme Twice / The Royal Concept
M03: Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) / The Vamps

<コーナー: RockAroundTheWorld>
M04: Runaway / Black Stone Cherry
M05: Fanfare / John Frusciante
M05: Coming of Age / Foster The People
M06: D-D-Dance / The Royal Concept
M07: So Now You Know / The Horrors
M09: Greens And Blues / The Pixies
M10: Wake Me Up / Dirty Loops
M11: Same Ol’ / The Heavy
<コーナー: RockAroundTheWorld>終わり
M12: Whatever [Remastered] / oasis
M13: XXX / The Bohicas
M14: Meantime / The Futureheads

<コーナー: RockSteadyGo>
M15: Smooth Feat. Rob Thomas / Santana
M16: Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen / Santana
M17: Into The Night Feat. Chad Croeger / Santana
M18: Oye 2014 Feat. Pitbull / Santana
M19: Saideira (Portuguese Version) / Santana
M20: Iron Lion Zion Feat. Ziggy Marley & ChocQuibTown / Santana
<コーナー: RockSteadyGo >終わり
M21: Can We Dance / The Vamps
M22:Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System バラバラ死体梱包運搬システム / Carcass
M23: Paperback Writer / The Beatles

M24: Victims Of Contingency / Epica
M25: As the Pages Burn / Arch Enemy