Real Rocks 【2019/02/16 O.A.】Playlist


2月16日のリアルロックスは、2月6日に『A Prelude to Sorrow』の日本盤をリリースしたWITHERFALL(ウィザーフォール)を紹介!インタビューの模様もお届けしました!

M01: Free Yourself (Radio Edit)  / The Chemical Brothers

M02: i apologise if you feel something / Bring Me The Horizon

M03: Mantra / Bring Me The Horizon

M04: Come Alive / The Ramona Flowers

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M05: Trampoline             SHAED

M06: You’re The One / Greta Van Fleet

M07: Love It If We Made It / The 1975

M08: Pressure / Muse

M09: Happier / Marshmello & Bastille

M10: High Hopes / Panic! At The Disco

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M11: My Whole World Stopped Without You / Vintage Trouble

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M12: Ode To Despair / Witherfall

M13: What We Are Dying For / Witherfall

M14: Invisible Guests / King Diamond ※JAKE選曲

M15: Flesh and the Power It Holds / DEATH ※STEVE選曲

M16: Edge of Thorns / SAVATAGE ※JOSEPH選曲

M17: We Are Nothing / Witherfall

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M18: Follow Me / SAVATAGE ※大名盤『Edge of Thorns』

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