Real Rocks 【2020/11/15 O.A.】Playlist

ZIP-FM RealRocks

【AC/DC新作『Power up』特集】

M01: Genocidal Humanoidz/System Of A Down

M02: Kingslayer(ft. BABYMETAL)/Bring Me The Horizon

M03: Strange Days (with Robbie Williams) /The Struts

M04: Take Me There/As Everything Unfolds

M05: Kyoto (Copycat Killer Version) /Phoebe Bridgers

<コーナー: RockSteadyGo >

M06: Highway To Hell (Live) /AC/DC

M07: Hells Bells (Live) /AC/DC

M08: Thunderstruck (Live) /AC/DC

M09: Shot In The Dark/AC/DC

M10: Realize/AC/DC

M11: Rejection/AC/DC

M12: Wild Reputation/AC/DC

<コーナー: RockSteadyGo >終わり

M13: Wild Child Feat. Tom Morello/The Struts



M14: Shelter Me Eclipse

M15: When The Winter Ends/Eclipse

M16: Monday Morning (お別れソング) /Fleetwood Mac



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